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    Here in Maine open carry is a thing of the past and is not ever seen any more. after writing a email to a rep of the maine state police about what the laws were about open carry in maine because I plan to go on a big camping trip this summer and it would be a pain trying to concealed my glock while wearing my camping gear. After I got done writing my email I googled open carry and found this website and have been on it ever since (about 11 last night). I got my ccw with out even knowing about the open carry laws in maine. I have a buddy witch has got a gun to carry and has to wait to get his ccw. after finding this web site i told him about open carry. here Im maine it is not run of the mill to see some one with a gun on there hip. i want to do something about this! I am not even shore that local police know about open carry!

    What can i do to raise awareness

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    Welcome to OCDO!

    I'd suggest you post your info in the Maine sub-forum:

    Hopefully you will find some help there.


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