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Thread: For kwikrnu and those that oppose him.

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    When Rosa Parks refused to go to the back of the bus, a lot of blacks wished she would just move her ass back before she caused more trouble all of them.

    When gays marched down main street in the most outrageous outfits they could imagine, there were plenty other gays who wished they would just go back in the closet and feared the repercussions of the activists actions.

    Now when kwikrnu exercises his rights there are those who wish he would just go away before he causes problems for us.

    For those of you who oppose kwikrnu's actions, you're just like the guys wishing Rosa would just shut up and move to the back of the bus before she causes more problems. You're just like the guys wishing the gays would just go back in the closet in fear or repercussions. And now you are the ones telling us we should not exercise our rights because we could cause a panic and a backlash. History has proven that you are the one in the wrong.

    While we sit here and bicker on the internet, he is physically and actively doing more than any of us probably ever will. Kwikrnu is a better man than 99% of us here including myself. I applaud his actions. I wish I could be even half as brave as he is.

    There is some point to warn that he may get killed by some ignorant officer if he's not careful. History has shown with many cases such as with Martin Luther King, that no matter how right and peaceful you are you can be killed for exercising your rights. But being at the risk of harm doesn't make ones actions any less valid, on the contrary it makes them more valid. The fact that kwikrnu is willing to go out there and put his life at risk to exercise his rights shows that he has more conviction than any of us internet critics.

    I personally thank you kwikrnu. Keep up the good fight, and I pray for your safety.

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    I do not necessarily agree with exactly how kwikrnu is going about this, but that is just a difference of opinion. I am taking my stand differently, because I have concerns about the repercussions of his action backing us up a bit before they take us forward. It takes all kinds to make this work. My best ability to contribute to the cause is much different from his, that does not mean I don't support him.

    Carry on my wayward friend ......................... {Hey, there might be a song in this somewhere....}

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