2 years ago the people of Washington voted I-960 into law so we would know about any new taxes, and they couldn't be dumped on us at the whim of the government in the dark of night.

Now with SB6130 our "representatives" have decided to "suspend" I-960 till July of next year so they can tax the crap out of us with impunity, despite our obvious wishes.


There is a public hearing scheduled for this Saturday, I am not very familiar with the way these hearings work. Are we allowed to come just to see what they decide? Or does our presence mean something?

If it does, this seems like the kind of thing we should care about a lot, it is another chunk of ourliberty vaporizing. There is an OCDO meet scheduled for that afternoon, and I would be willing to come up from Walla Walla if we decide to combine an appearance at this hearing with our lunch at 2.