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Thread: Great job on tax payers Dime ?

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    Posted: 11:07 a.m. Feb. 12, 2010
    Former Flint police chief gets 6 months home confinement


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    • Former Flint interim Police Chief David Dicks, who once vowed to "fight to the end" when hit with fraud charges, was sentenced today to six months of home confinement for illegally receiving public money through a no-show job at a security company run by his father.

    Dicks, 42, of Flint pleaded guilty in October to a count of obtaining money by fraud in U.S. District Court in Detroit in front of Judge Sean Cox. Under his sentence he will also be on probation for 2 years, and pay $46,000 in restitution.

    Dicks made international news in 2008 when he urged officers to file disorderly conduct or indecent exposure charges against those whose saggy pants allowed too much underwear or their bottoms to show on city streets. The policy eventually died.

    In exchange for Dicks' plea, his father, Richard Dicks, 75, who also had been indicted, was placed into a pretrial diversion program, which is similar to probation.

    According to court records, David Dicks was employed by City Security Guard Co. between June 2005 and July 2007 and submitted false time sheets, claiming to work 34 hours a week.

    City Security had a contract with Career Alliance, a Flint-based organization that received federal money for job training. Records list Dicks' father as chief executive of the security company, from 1995 through 2007.

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    Yep it's the way we roll in Flint! Between the unions & the corrupt City Officials we have cornered organized crime!

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