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Thread: University of Alabama Huntsville Shooting

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    Here we go again... Another Target Rich Enviornment.
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    Had any other faculty member been carrying, they could have saved lives.
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    Shooters before hooters.

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    "More than two decades ago, police said Amy Bishop fatally shot her teenage brother at their Massachusetts home in what officers at the time logged as an accident-"

    She shot her brother, an 18-year-old accomplished violinist, in the chest in 1986, said Paul Frazier, the police chief in Braintree, Mass., where the shooting occurred. Bishop fired at least three shots, hitting her brother once and hitting her bedroom wall before police took her into custody at gunpoint,

    Must have been one hell of an accident.

    The theme is the same though:
    1)nut job doesn't get what they want.
    2)nut job, somehow acquires handgun.
    3)nut job picks target rich environment and makes multiple easy engagements against unarmed victims.

    Did I miss anything here?

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    Nope, victim rich environment pretty much sums it up, but it must have been one by rules of the university as the State of Alabama has no such restriction to carrying on campuses, and even exempts those with permits from the prohibition of carrying on K-12 premises.

    I will have to look into the rules of the University.

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    Amy Bishop Killed her brother 20 years ago, deemed an accident. they say she has a past of violence. Hmmmmm.
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