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    Is it OK to OC on a 4wheeler/jetski?

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    good question. i was wondering about oc on a pontoon boat too. hope someone can fill us in.

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    OC on a jetski?

    I hope you have a REALLY good retention holster, and a stainless steel gun...:shock:

    I guess even in WV, you gotta be prepared for pirates.

    To each, his own.
    “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”
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    Mini14 wrote:
    Is it OK to OC on a 4wheeler/jetski?
    Both would be considered vehicles; the latter of which is also a motorboat. You should read the general firearms laws as well as the hunting laws, boating laws, and other laws pertaining to the areas where you would be riding the ATV or jet-ski.

    Chapter 61 - Crimes and Punishment, Article 7 - Dangerous Weapons, should contain most of the laws pertaining to firearms generally.
    Chapter 20 - Natural Resources, should contain all of the laws pertaining to areas under the purview of the Division of Natural Resources, including boating, hunting, and prohibitions of firearms at certain places and times.

    Someone, such as a "conservation officer/game warden," could easily presume that you are hunting/poaching if you're carrying a firearm on an ATV while riding in a wildlife area. In those cases where firearms are prohibited by the Natural Resources laws, currently only a person with a concealed weapons permit is exempted as per §20-2-6a. Carrying a concealed handgun.

    If your question has anything to do with the difference between 'in' and 'on', or lack thereof, it has been discussed at OCDO before. I don't recall which forums and threads. My personal opinion is that the phrase "in a vehicle" is synonymous with "on a vehicle."

    Sorry I can't cite more specific natural resources and boating laws of WV; I haven't gotten to those yet. Besides, it's better for you to read them for yourself.

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