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Thread: new to rifles where are the laws

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    im going to buy my first ar 15 this weekend at the ngs

    can any of you point me on the right direction to find the regulations or laws of transporting and carrying loaded or unloaded rifles etc etc....

    thank you

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    Save yourself the time & bother of trying to get every law/regulation regarding rifles in some piecemeal fashion hereand bring up the Code of Virginiaand the Virginia Administrative Code in your favorite search engine, and enter "firearm" as the search term. Then check "assault weapon".

    If you have a specific concern after doing your own research, please feel free to post a request for explanation, clarification, or opinion (which is pretty much all you will get here anyhow - even from the lawyers and attorneys who are willing to answer questions).

    For some strange reason OCDO focuses more on handguns than on long arms, despite the efforts of 2 or 3 diehard pedants. There are rifle fora out there if you would rather seek the opinion of folks more focused in that direction.

    BTW, you can OC a rifle if you have a magazine capable of holding20 or less rounds without any problem. You need a CHP in certain jurisdictions if your magazine is capable of holding more than 20 rounds. DGIF has some hunting regs that might get you crosswise with a rifle in the car so check them out also. Your CHP is useless for carrying a rifle concealed in a vehicle or boat.

    stay safe.

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    I would suggest that if you have specific questions about AR's or AK's, that you check out:

    That is the Virginias hometown forum on Guys over there are usually very helpful and willing to answer questions. Many members here are members there.

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