I had an interesting experience a few nights ago at the Pilot Travel Center off I-40 Exit 143.

I've stopped in there quite a few times since I started carrying OC without any issues with anyone there. The other night I stopped in to grab a Dew and snack. I was carrying my SA.45LC in a cross draw holster. I got in line at the checkout behind 3 other customers. I noticed that the cashier (middle aged lady) was clowning around with the customers as she worked. There was another customer that seemed to be waiting for another person just in front of me.

When It came my turn to fork over funds for my puchase, I sat my items on the counter and remarked to the cashier that she was just having to much fun to be working. She said," OOOOH yeah, I'm just having a blast tonight, I do every night.." then turning to someone to my left she said, "Yeah, he sure is and it's legal, too. Lots of people carry 'em around here." I looked to my left to see who she was talking to and it was the fella that was ahead of me and his buddy. They were walking away and grinning at each other, as they headed for the door. I turned back to the cashier and asked what that was all about. She told me that one of the guys had pointed at my sidearm and whispered something to his buddy about it. I said, "OH, well, I guess they ain't from around here, huh." She laughed and went on with her clowning.

I don't think the Brady Bunch has had much effect around these parts.

BTW, There's a McDonalds across the road from there that I frequent often. They don't have a problem with OC, either.