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Thread: Response from Starbucks

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    I sent out an email applauding Starbucks decision to continue the support of our second amendment rights in their stores.

    My message;

    would like to applaud your stance on accepting your customers right to carry arms while in your stores. The 2nd amendment is constantly being attacked by people refuse to permit the rights of others to satisfy their fears. I will continue to patronize your stores knowing that I can protect myself, and that you support my rights .

    Their response;

    Thanks for contacting Starbucks Coffee Company.

    For Starbucks, the safety of our customers and partners is a paramount concern. We have existing security protocols in place to handle situations related to safety in our stores. We will continue to adhere closely to local, state and federal laws and the counsel of law enforcement regarding this issue.

    We appreciate you taking the time to share your perspective.

    Warm Regards,

    Colleen N.

    Customer Relations

    Starbucks Coffee Company

    800 23-LATTE (235-2883)

    Monday through Friday, 5AM to 6P

    It sounds a bit run-aroundish to me honestly but at least didn't say they are going to change it anytime soon.

    What part of "shall not be infringed" don't you understand?

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    Glad to hear.
    I love their over priced mocha frapachinos :
    I am a little surprised that they took this position.
    seeing as how it seems to be a hang out for yuppies......Dang
    that throws me under the buss too. Oh well at least I can protect myself from the other yuppies whilst sipping my mocha frap :celebrate

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    I got on their Facebook page, became a fan, and left a thank you note as well.

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    I got the very same reply from the very same person in response to the letter I wrote them before they announced their decision. I wonder how many emails they received asking them to not bow down to the brady bunch.
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    It's a non-reply. There is nothing in that reply that would need to be changed in response to someone asking them to not allow guns in their stores.


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    Of course not. It's a business, businesses by definition survive on offending the least amount of people.

    Starbucks is smart. They know if they ban weapons, smaller amount of people will go in. At the same time, they know that very few anti-gun people care about starbucks "following the law" and will stop getting their drugs in a cup every morning. I'm pretty sure the bradycampaigner was drinking a venti mocha latte-chino while writing that press release and shaking a few hours later for his fix.

    There is an incorrect assumption that Yuppies and liberals are for gun control. The anti-gun lobby is very smart in phrasing questionaires with questions like "are you against criminals having guns?" Of course most people will respond yes, so they will do a press release that claims that most people are for gun control.

    Similarly, when there are laws being passed, they call it the "Protecting Children Act" or something similar, with a bunch of laws in there about child endangerment, funding the FBI for investigating child abductions and then something that says that you can't carry a gun within a mile of a school. When any democrat politicians votes against it, he is accused then of not voting to protect children, even though he is for 66% of the bill.

    Most studies show that an overwhelming amount of people in this country believe in gun possession one way or another. Very few people take the stand of the BradyCampaign of banning guns, on either side of the party.

    Same thing applies to Police Officers, most of them are for law abiding citizens carrying, but by default they almost only deal with criminals with guns.

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    We, the faceless corporation, would like to thank you, the peon, for taking the time to express your views to us. Please accept this soulless form letter as a token of our esteem for you. Have a wonderful day.:?

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    I don't understand this. Starbucks says it's cool to carry in their stores and you're complaining because...they don't act all gung-ho about guns?

    Starbucks isn't run by Charleton Heston, what do you expect?

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