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Thread: Find an attorney when a shooting happens

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    After the many recent righteous self defense shootings in NM where the shooter was jailed for considerable time (and usually later released), I thought it might be time to share info with each other about what to do after the shooting and who we should call after a shooting.

    Heaven forbid, but if you are ever involved in a shooting, don't panic and remain calm. Call 911 and say, "There's been a shooting at (address), send an ambulance." Give the 911 operator your physical description, what you are wearing and where you will be when the police arrive. Ask for an ambulance even if you are certain the perpetrator is dead. Remember all 911 calls are tape-recorded so don't say anything specific about the actual shooting or that you would not want to be played for a jury. Then call a qualified New Mexico lawyer. When the police arrive, do as Massad Ayoob teaches below. It is recommended that you keep something like this in your wallet (behind your DL or CCW license) along with several Defense Attorney phone numbers:

    I am an American citizen and I wish to cooperate fully[/b]

    in your investigation. If you have a properly executed[/b]

    warrant, please serve it. If you have a tape or video [/b]

    recorder, please activate it at this time so that I may[/b]

    read this aloud for the record. I choose to exercise my[/b]

    Constitutional rights by refusing to speak with you or[/b]

    answer any questions until I have consulted with an [/b]

    attorney. I do not consent to any search of my person,[/b]

    property, vehicle or residence. [/b]


    Massad Ayoob says the 5 things to do after a shooting are:

    1. Point out the perpetrator to police

    2. Tell police you will “Sign the complaint”

    3. Point out evidence to police

    4. Point out witnesses to police

    5. Tell police you will give full cooperation in 24 hours after speaking with an attorney (and obtain medical treatment if necessary)

    I personally do not have an attorney to call should I have a problem….how many others don’t?? If arrested (or questioned after a shooting) we are supposed to find a "pro-gun" or “pro-2A” criminal defense attorney WHO IS FAMILIAR WITH FIREARMS LAWS. But unless you just pick a name from the phone book, how do you know if they are “pro-gun” and are able to defend cases of self defense? If you have any names of attorneys in NM that handle these type of cases, post it here[/b] so we can share their names and numbers and keep them in our wallets.

    Our Bernalillo County District Attorney, Kari Brandenburg, has prosecuted residents protecting their home even though it was clearly self defense. When NM gets a Castle Doctrine law passed (hopefully in 2011) we may not have to fear prosecution for protecting our home and family nor will we have to fear civil suits. But in the meantime, pass on the names of lawyers that are pro-gun so that every gun owner has a list to choose from. You can go to the NM Bar Assoc., but there are hundreds to choose from. Here is a start:

    Possible criminal defense attorneys in New Mexico:

    · Howard L. Anderson, Atty. (505)-247-8766

    · Roger Finzel- Fed. Public Defender- (505)-766-3293

    · Collins & Collins, Atty. (505)-242-5958

    · David C. Serna, Atty.(505)- 242-4057

    · Billy Blackburn, Atty.(505)- 242-1600 (defended Elton John Richard II of Albuq.*)

    · Ray Twohig, P.C. (505)- 898-040 (defended Luke Sanchez of Los Chavez, NM*)
    *Both were arrested and charged after shootings

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    Massad Ayoob is a great man

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