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Thread: Oklahoma Representative David Derby (R- Owasso) amendment to bill puts open carry back in play!

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    News video at

    State Lawmaker Pushes for Open Carry Law for Gun OwnersPosted:

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    Owasso Representative David Derby said protection is exactly why citizens should arm themselves, but he wants to take it a step further with the right to carry a gun in public view.

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    According to, Oklahoma is one of 7 states where open carry laws are completely restricted or banned.
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    By Rusty Surette, NEWS 9

    OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma lawmaker is pushing for an open carry law for gun owners.

    Representative David Derby (R- Owasso) has attached an amendment to House Bill 3239 which would allow citizens with concealed-carry licenses the right to carry a gun in public view.

    Just last year, a man armed with a concealed weapon successfully and peacefully disarmed a violent man at this Oklahoma City apartment complex.

    Owasso Representative David Derby said protection is exactly why citizens should arm themselves, but he wants to take it a step further.

    "Gun laws are important in our country," Derby said. "At the same time, the truly dangerous criminals are breaking laws already and ignore gun controls. They realize that good people will be unarmed and not threaten their nefarious pursuits. With my amendment, it would allow Oklahomans the freedom to carry a firearm if they already hold a concealed-carry license. This would make criminals think twice before trying to rob a bank or knock off a convenience store."

    The "Firearms Freedom Act" has been referred to the Public Safety committee for further consideration.

    Read House Bill 3239 and the Firearms Freedom Act.

    The Virginia-based group,, supports Representative David Derby's push for an open-carry law.

    "It's a right. We have a right to open carry," said the group's co-founder John Pierce. "Open carry is the Second Amendment, and it's the most important thing to remember."

    According to, Oklahoma is one of 7 states where open carry laws are completely restricted or banned.

    Most gun owners NEWS 9 spoke to favor having an option of concealing versus open-carry, but even if the law is changed, some say they won't.

    "I like the fact that nobody really knows if I'm carrying or not. There's an advantage to that in my mind, but this is really a decision up to the individual to try and do," said Miles Hall, H&H Gun Range.

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    Here's a link to an article from the local TV station, channel 9 in OKC.

    The poll at the end of the article is running 92% in favor of open carry.

    Here are the comments I posted on the page.

    With any controversial subject, there are opposing views. What surprises me is why this is controversial. The second amendment clearly says the right to keep and bear arms shall
    not be infringed. It doesn't say the right to keep and bear arms concealed shall be allowed
    if the individual state feels like allowing it. This is one of our most fundamental rights, and
    it has already been infringed. It's time to reclaim it.

    To those who argue that the weapon could be taken from the owner and used in a crime,
    then what do you tell people whose car was stolen and used in a crime? Do you tell them
    that they can no longer own a car, and no one else should be allowed to own a car, because
    it might be stolen and used in a crime?

    To those who feel that carrying openly will make the carrier a victim, then I say it is personal
    choice. Do you tell people they cannot walk in certain areas at certain times, because it is
    unsafe and they MIGHT become a victim? No, you leave it to personal judgment and personal
    choice. That's what freedom is all about.

    To those who advocate open carry because the carrier can then protect bystanders, I say that
    is not what this is about. A concealed carrier can do the same. What this is about is more
    toward self-defense. If a person does not carry concealed because he can't comfortable keep
    the weapon concealed (hot weather, choice of clothing, etc) then he is unarmed and a means
    of self-defense has been denied to him. Open carry provides another option.

    This movement is an effort to restore a fundamental constitutional right, and to restore the
    most fundamental of rights to state residents - the right to self-defense.

    If you support this effort, please sign my petition, referenced at the end of the article.

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    Showing 91% to 9% in favor. Its an option for those that would like to. Some states like Michigan OC is the ONLY way one can carry legally.
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