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Thread: Buying a handgun

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    I'm going to be buying a handgun soon and I was wondering if anyone could go over the process in Michigan (Washtenaw County) of buying one and getting it legalized. I've heard that it needs to be held at the Sheriff's Department for a period of time for inspection? Is that true and how long? Does it matter if you have a CPL? A step by step process in laymans terms would be awesome. Thanks a lot.

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    If you have a CPL you go to the store and buy it... they will provide the paperwork and tell you where to take it. NOTE you do not take the gun in for an inspection any more. IF from a private party you will use this form

    If you do not have a CPL you will need to get a Purchase Permit from your local police or Sheriffs dept. if you are rural. You will need to get it notarized before you go to purchase the pistol. Some places will do it free some for a fee however you can have it done anywhere that has a notary.

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