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Thread: Feb. 14th - Armed American Radio

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    Hour 3 of the Armed American Radio discussed the CA cop that had posted remarks about Open Carriers.

    Link: http://uscca-downloads.s3.amazonaws....-14-2010-3.mp3

    They mention that next week they are going to have a bigger discussion about Open Carry because of all the coverage in the news lately.

    Sundays 8-11PM EST

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    Also herd the broadcast, some of it was interesting and informative, but mostsounded likeBS IMHO. But I will defiantly be listing this Sunday!

    Hopfully Someone like J. Peirce will be on, maybe someone from here will get on air (I VOTE BRIAN), and I'm SURE someone will pop up from the Virgina OC will pop up, also someone from Cali.

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