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    Here are some of my ideas on how to do it.

    If you are planning on meeting at a business, contact them in advance. Let them know what we are about, and let them know what resistance to expect.

    As the weather improves this spring, meet in public places like parks. Maybe a pot luck picnic. Make up some banners or signs to attract the public. Then spread the good word. This is not rocket surgery, guys.....use our collective smarts on this. A little planning and we can render the Brady bunch ineffective.
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    IMO, do NOT notify or ask a business in advance, except to maybe make a reservation for a large group. (I feel this is a reasonable courtesy to extend in return for the reasonable expectation they'll accomodate your group.) If you act like it's a big deal, they're more likely to turn you away. Besides, would you aske permission to exercise any other right in their establishment? ("Hey, we want to hold a Bible study at one of your tables... do you care that this mightdrive awaysome of your atheist customers?" Sounds silly, right? I hope so...)

    However, I think a good strategy to "beat" the Brady intimidation tactics is to plan a pre-meal event outside a business. Then when everybody shows up there you can either break up into small groups and go where you please,or even have a mass-event at a restaurant. By having anevent(e.g. litter pick-up) before going to a restaurant/cafe, you wouldn't need to make the restaurant/cafe known in advance.
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    I don't know that posting plans and strategies in public is necessarily prudent.

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    How to set up a meet?

    1) Call friend/s.

    2) Set time and location.

    3) Show up at set time and location.

    4) Meet.

    Adding open carry to this 'how to' changes the dynamic quite a bit. You have all the legal issues to address. The venue is dictated by school zones, the number of participants,and the permissiveness of businesses of open carry.

    Personally, I think going big at single venues is both a logistical nightmare and defeats the principle of desensitization. These large events do get media, however the sheer numbers of participants is not really a natural display.

    One to five cyclists in one location is 'ordinary practice'- Fifty to one-hundred or morecyclists is a street clogging 'Critical Mass' protest. I can see where some businesses and communities are having some trouble digesting the open carry philosophy.

    Do not mistake my view about numbers- Im not saying that if you have 100 or more participants that you shouldnt have an event. I'm just saying that those 100 open carriers would create a greater impact in a mass eventwith multiple venues in the same city. Instead of picking one venue where it is likely that participants could create congestion and consternation, I would recommend 20 or more locations with small groups doing ordinary things- eating at a restaurant, going to the theater, shopping for groceries, having a BBQ in a park, and yes- drinking coffee at Starbucks. (I have other concepts that I have shared privately with others that I wont reveal here.)If you have extraordinary numbers, its important to diffuse the effecteither by spreading them out, ororganize them for community service.

    These are two seperate strategies;

    the firstis to implodeLEApolicy demandingofficers to respond to every report of MWAG and (e) check every participant. By distributing your activists across a community at seperate or 'roving' venues, it will stretch law enforcements ability to react to the activity in the way they have in the past. If they should get multiple calls for MWAG in different areas of the community they will have to make a choice- seek out the open carriers to contact them for an (e) check (and then try to keep track of with whom they had contact when the call has been cleared) or reprioritize their calls according to the true threat level. Repeated with great enough frequency, we will see a change in how calls are handled- Dispatchers will have to start asking the proper questions from reporting parties- instead of rolling officers for a non-crime, they will need to ask with specificity what the reporting party has Are they touching the firearm? Are they pointing the gun at anyone? Are they rude, angry, or threatening? Is there someone in danger?

    The second strategy is to remove the ego or 'showboat' from the public'sperception of open carriers. It is much more difficult to say that OC'rs are doing it all for the attention when they clean up a community park, or donate toys for needy children, or raise funds for diabetes, cancer, or a burn center.

    I think both of these strategies could gradually initiate some important changes, as the memospublished by various departments have educated the police have. But it will take repetition, exposure, and time.
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    I agree - the public exposure is much greater with five groups of three people each doing seperate things than one group of fifteen.

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    Do it exactly like we did in Virginia, just post up a time and place for a dining out, and just do it. Don't call ahead, just go. Of course in this fine state, you need to make sure you're clear of school zones and such.

    We called them OCDOs (Open Carry Dining Outs).

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