Just got my first place and I am looking for a few things to make it look like a home and less like I took my dorm room and moved into a 2 bedroom apartment.

What I am looking for:
A nice used couch, I have had the cheap 70s couches and whatnot through college now I am looking for something a bit more presentable and better condition.

A decent coffee table and end tables. Do not necessarily need to be a set or even come from the same person. However I would prefer to get at least 2 matching end tables but will consider other options as well.

I am also potentially in the market for a midsize flat screen tv.

If you have anything else you are looking to get rid of i.e. chairs, lamps, etc. feel free to message me as I am considering other odds and ends as well.


And before you say it, I am already browsing craigslist but would rather stick my money is someones pocket that I "know" then just some joe shmo.