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Thread: From Georgia - Open carry deters armed robbery in Kennesaw

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    Twocustomers displaying holstered pistols deterredan armed robbery in a Kennesaw Wafflehouserecently.
    There is some debate raging in Georgia about whether people should conceal their holstered handguns while in public. Some believe that wearing handguns openly will result in a loss of the element of surprise during a criminal attack, such as an armed robbery, while others believe that wearinghandguns openly deters criminal attack. For Matt Brannan and J.P. Mitchell, who carry openly as a routine, the issue is no longer academic.
    Matt Brannan and J.P. Mitchell were dining in the Wafflehouse on Barrett Parkwayat I-575 in Kennesaw at 4:45 in the morning recently when a scoutfor an armed robbery crew entered the restaurant to case it. At the time, Matt and J.P. thought he looked a little suspicious, as he was wandering around the small restaurant like he was looking for someone. Unknown to Matt and J.P., two cars full of armed robbers where parked behind the restaurant waiting for the scout's report.
    The scoutsaw that two of the customers were wearing holstered 1911 Springfield Mil-Spec .45 pistols, and he immediately turned and left the store.
    Meanwhile,conscientious Cobb County Police Officer D. Lowe had noticedsuspicious cars sitting behind the restaurant in the dark and decided to investigate. He caught men with masks and rifles who had been preparing to rob the Wafflehouse. The criminalsinformed the police that they had changed their mind upon discovering armed customers and were waiting for Matt and J.P. to leave. Ironically, the police car was pulling in to the parking lotjust as Matt and J.P. weredriving away. In other words, had Matt and J.P. not been armed, the robbery probably would haveoccurred before thepoliceintervened.
    Captain Jerry Quan, the Commander for Precinct One, where the Wafflehouse is located,confirmed Matt Brannan's story asone in which the open display of a pistol deterred a well armedrobbery crew.
    Matt Brannanis making an Open RecordsAct request, and there will be an update to this story when more information is available. The case number is09-133500. There will be updates and follow up articles as more information becomes available.

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    More than likely, this happens 100 times in America, in one form or another, for every one time it is publicized.

    I mean, who reports a non-event? :?

    I have witnessed the practice of OC dissuade "trouble" that probably would have turned to a crime at-least three times in my own adulthood.

    Once on my own person.

    Most criminals are lazy and cowards, looking for the easiest payoff with the least amount of effort or risk. Short of a criminal being a psychopath, most are going to go looking for an easier target, or, as the would be robbers in this report, wait until their target becomes easier pickings.

    I mean really, why would you need a gun in a waffle house of all places?!?! For God's sake, CHILDREN go to waffle houses! :quirky

    Good eye on that officer. I would have liked to be a fly on the wall for THAT conversation.

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    FMCDH wrote:
    I mean really, why would you need a gun in a waffle house of all places?!?! For God's sake, CHILDREN go to waffle houses! :quirky
    Lololololololololololololololololololololololololo lolololololololololololololololololololololol

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