I stopped at a local 76 station to fill my tank around midnight tonight. While the pump was running, a man came rolling into the station on a three-wheeled cycle, operated with a hand crank. I met Michael Rost.

I had a long talk with him after grabbing my receipt. His story is not exceptional. There are may people in our society who have suffered some life-changing brain trauma or other debilitating injury. The difference with Mike is, he is not letting it slow him down.

He has a dream. A small dream by most accounts, but one that impressed me enough to post this here. He wants to ride his cycle across the USA this spring! His needs are simple, and predictable. He needs money, support, some equipment and other things that will help him accomplish his goal.

I haven't figured out exactly how *I* will be involved, but I have decided to do something. Right now I am looking into setting him up with a portable XM radio along with a small rechargable battery and solar panel, so he will be able to listen to music and news as he pumps his bike across those miles of lonely roads in "fly-over country."

If you care to, please read his short story on his web site. If you believe you can help this happen, contact him via his email, and tell him that you heard about him through me, "Joe," the guy in Vista with the home made tow truck!