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Thread: Curious about the rules to carrying in Ohio

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    The Ohio Attorney General's pamphlet on concealed carry (and related issues) can be found here:

    1. Ohio CPZs
    Establishments with Class D (by the drink) liquor licenses.
    Government buildings (police stations, court houses, etc.)
    Post Offices
    Posted businesses.

    2. Unlike Virginia, there are no differences in access between concealed and open carry. You cannot carry into a Class D establishment, open OR concealed.

    3. You must have an Ohio CHL or recognized equivalent in order to carry in a vehicle. If not, the firearm must be unloaded and cased/in trunk, AND there must be no loaded magazines or speedloaders.

    4. Open carry is NOT RAS or PC. He can ask you questions. You can go about your business without answering them. If he detains you, he must have RAS or PC.

    5. It is a CRIME to KNOWINGLY enter a posted establishment contrary to the posting. If that sign is posted in the employee's lounge, you have not committed a crime. It is NOT a crime to have a firearm in a posted parking lot. It is civil trespass and you can be ordered to leave. If you do not, that's CRIMINAL trespass. I can think of no way that they'd know, absent some sort of misbehavior on your part.

    6. If you are LAWFULLY carrying concealed, you must "promptly" (not defined in the law) notify and provide the LEO with your CHL or equivalent upon request.

    If you are NOT carrying a firearm (or have it in your vehicle), you have no duty to inform.

    If you are lawfully open carrying or not carrying a firearm, and not driving, etc., not only do you not need to provide an LEO with ID, you don't even need to HAVE any.

    7. If you are lawfully carrying a concealed firearm on your body while in a vehicle, you must carry it in a holster. A pocket holster is acceptable. Otherwise, it must be in a closed (doesn't have to be locked) glove box or center console, a container with a closing mechanism (latch, snap, etc.) in plain sight, or in a locked container out of sight.

    8. Loaded rifle magazines are prohibited in a vehicle.

    9. Since "promptly" is not defined in the law, be prepared to shout over an officer to notify if necessary when you are lawfully carrying concealed. Recently, a man was falsely arrested and charged with "failure to notify" because during the course of a felony stop, he was ORDERED NOT TO TALK, preventing him from notifying. He managed to notify ***51 seconds*** later and was charged. He went to trial and was acquitted. Expect an ugly lawsuit to come out of that one.

    If you have other questions, you can go to the Ohioans for Concealed Carry website and forums here:
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