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    February 4, 2010

    MAIG (Mayors Against Illegal Gun.

    Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) was founded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. Over the past few years, they continued to claim that they are only concerned with “illegal” guns. MAIG had worked to impose new restrictions on law abiding gun owners by regulating gun shows, supporting recklessness law suits against the firearm industry, and opposing the right of self defense for law abiding Americans with a carry permits. Mayor Bloomberg, who sets the agenda for the radical group, is dedicated to the passage of highly restrictive gun laws. But there is a growing glitch in Bloomberg’s plan. More and more mayors are discovering the real purpose of MAIG and are removing their names from the groups list. After hearing from their constituents over 60 to 70 mayors have resigned from the group since it is in conception. (450 Mayors)

    A number of mayors have provided the same reason for leaving the group. MAIG was not what they represented themselves to be. In her letter of resignation Mayor Patricia Shontz ® of Madeira Beach Florida wrote, “ I am with drawing because I believe the MAIG is attempting to erode all gun ownership not just illegal guns. Additionally I have learned that MAIG maybe working on issues which conflict with legal gun ownership”. She also goes on to add, “It appears the MAIG had miss represented itself to the Mayor of America and its citizens. This is gun control, not crime prevention”. Mayor Shontz concerns were echoed by Mayor Josh Nowotarski (D) of Mount Penn, Pennsylvania who wrote, “ I recently learned of the miss representations of the group and reget having joined in the first place”. These sediments were shared by a number of mayors who have removed their name from the MAIG list.

    Here is but a few of Wisconsin mayors that resigned from MAIG. Mayor Tom Kennedy of Beaver Dam, Mayor James Schmitt of Green Bay, and Mayor Thomas M. Taylor of Franklin, to these mayors “I say Thank you”.

    To the other mayors of Wisconsin who are still MAIG members are Mayor Al Richard of St. Francis, Mayor Jeff R. Speaker of Brookfield, and last but not least Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee, to these mayors I ask “ Why are you using my Second Amendment Rights for your own Political gain?”


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    Green means resigned blue means active scroll down to see the blue mayors of wisconsin there are quite a few blue of course madison mayor is against guns hmm no vote for him

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