I checked various items and applied the coupon, any item appears to work.

LAPG has a nice pair of Matterhorn 1997 boots which I wear. LAPG has the cheapest price at $203~, coupon applied $171~.

They also have holsters from Safariland, which are more secure compared to other brands. I use a Safariland Raptor 6070 upgraded to level 5. The 6070 is cheaper from (%156~) compared to $175~ at LAPG.

I tried adding a Luminox watch out of S&G which cost $1000, I don't know if they'd honor the sale when the price is lowered by 16%, which appeared to work.

Anyway, check the prices online before buying anywhere online. While LAPG may have prices which are much cheaper than other places, some items are more expensive.