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Thread: SD gets great score from Brady Bunch

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    SD scored 4 out of 100 - :celebrate

    Story at

    If you want to have some fun, check out the discussion at

    There is uniform local South Dakotan approval for the low Brady score as being a really good thing - some are aspiring to reach Utah's score of '0' as a goal

    Some great comments like:

    "4 points out of a 100! This sickens me! I can see how this statistic is ruining us! I mean here we are ranked Number 5 in 50 States(2009) for the lowest crime rate! Sheesh, SD wake up and see all the bad influences around us. I mean look at all the police reports of drug cartel, ATF busts in ghettos and all the crack addicts buying guns at guns shows here in our state compared to other States like NY,CA,TX who all have this "Brady background check". Boy, it's time for me to move before there is a drive by oozy shooting in my neighborhood."

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    Yes I could see how you'd be upset that Utah was kicking your butts with a perfect record in the Bradyscale.

    In the interests of fair challenges, it's time you guys got onto your representatives and cleaned up the problem areas that are keeping your great state from a perfect record.

    My state blows it has a pathetic 53/100 which is a lot crappier than your 4/100!

    Go South Dakota!!!!

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