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Thread: NEED a new holster.. Help a guy out! Pic inside.

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    Alright, I Just picked up a new addition, it's an EAA witness compact.. It's not so compact. But I need a fairly nice IWB, or MOB holster that would fit it.. Right now, Im using a sig fittedleather "minimalist'holster, so I know it isnt requiring a perfectly moulded holster.. I have cash.. Does anyone have anything they are looking to , or interested in selling?.. I have cash in hand. And I Just need something a little more concealable.

    This is exactly what mine looks like, Minus the fact that I have a competition /fluted barrel and slide.

    This way you can get an idea of the trigger guard,holster area.

    If anyone has anything local.. oly-tacoma- seattle.. let me know please

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    There is a local person here on OCDO that will make a holster for you.

    Check here:

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