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Thread: You guys will LOVE this.

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    Constitutionalist wrote: It's about time that they wrestled RICO out of Hell's Kitchen, and tossed him up-town to bring down the Wall Street thugs.
    Bale da Hay

    "Have you Spanked a leftist today; it's the Right thing to do!!!"

    Within the gates before a man shall go,
    (Fully warily let him watch,)
    Full long let him look about him;
    For little he knows where a foe may lurk,
    And sit in the seats within.

    Havamal (Bellows translation)

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    You cannot believe how happy I am that my coffee cup was empty after reading a few of the mayors links. I hate it when coffee comes out of my nose and stains my mustache, dirties my shirt and messes up my keyboard. Looks like I need to clean it anyway, I think I see some coleslaw left over from the last time I read about Kwame. Some of these others I did not know about.
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