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Thread: Dad, do you have your gun?

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    My 5 year old watched a scary cartoon today, then we were in the lower-basement and the furance turned on.(that is a scary sound to a 5 yo)

    My son asked me, "Dad do you have your gun with you?" Yes, I said he looked for it on my hip,(which means he already looked for it before he asked me.) I was wearing my PJ's so I had it in my coat pocket. (just about to make that Sundaynight run to the nearest Redbox to return the DVDs)

    I asked him,why do you ask? He said, Because if there was a ghost or a bad guy down here.....

    It is so simple even a 5 year old knows the importance of owning and having a gun on your person.
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    Agreed I just took my 9 year old out shooting he fully understands why daddy carries a gun with him.
    "A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity"

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