Going to Yellowstone? Bring Your Shotgun

In a reversal of a nearly 100-year-old policy, visitors will be allowed to bring their guns to national parks and wildlife reserves starting on Monday. The decision was tacked on to credit card legislation last May, and it allows visitors to bring weapons (in some cases, concealed ones) into national parks, hotels and gift shops as long as the owner complies with state gun laws. This, however, may not be that simple. Officials worry that implementing the law could create headaches in the more than 30 national parks that cross state lines, and critics say that the legislation willprobably lead to an uptick in violence in national parks. Gun advocates, on the other hand, are thrilled. In honor of the legislation, armed barbeques on are the agenda today in Valley Forge and Gettysburg parks, the Los Angeles Timesreports. "Now it's a big sea of gun freedom," a gun activist Mike Stollenwerk told the Times. "The idea is that the same rule that applies on Main Street will apply to the national park."