Your Calls Needed
on SB3092 - Handgun Dealer Licensing Act and SB3036 - "Assault" Weapons Ban![/b]][/size]

Two anti-gun owner bills will be heard tomorrow morning in the Senate Criminal Law Committee. SB3092 is a handgun dealer licensing act similar to HB180 in the IL House. SB3036 would ban semi-automatic assault weapons, some assault weapon attachments, any .50 caliber rifle, or .50 caliber cartridge and would give current owners of such items 90 days to prove ownership to the Illinois State Police after the law going into effect.

Sponsor: Antonio Muñoz
Criminal Law Hearing Feb 24, 2010 9:00AM Capitol 212 Springfield

Sponsors: Sen. Don Harmon
Criminal Law Hearing Feb 24, 2010 9:00AM Capitol 212 Springfield

Call these committee members immediately - let them know IL firearm owners are not about to give into this nonsense.
Urge them to Vote NO on SB3036 and SB3092!

Chairperson : (D) Michael Noland (217) 782-7746 (217) 782-2115 FAX
Vice-Chairperson : (D) Kwame Raoul (217) 782-5338
Member: (D) William R. Haine (217) 782-5247 (217) 782-5340 FAX
Member: (D) Dan Kotowski (217) 782-3875
Member: (D) A. J. Wilhelmi (217) 782-8800

Both bills were assigned to the firearms subcommittee today.

That doesn't look too good for freedom. Look at who is on that committee:

Criminal Law Subcommittee on Firearms - Members
96th General Assembly
Members Notice of Hearing Bills

Role Senator Party
Sub-Chairperson : A. J. Wilhelmi D
Member: Dan Kotowski D
Member: Tim Bivins