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Thread: A little humor for today

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    After a encounter with a gun grabber he made a statement that "every gun sold takes a day of his life". After much thought I concluded if this is true perhaps we can defeat gun control by means of attrition, Let us consider the means.
    First buy a gun or two this will get us a couple of days right there, but lets hedge our bet a bit invite the anti gun person over for dinner then show him the new fire arm this should get about three days
    Next where legal open carry and walk down the anti gunners street be sure to do this when he / she is outside and can see your shooting iron of supreme justice. remember leave it in the holster no brandishing.Don't forget your voice recorder.
    Be sure to wear your pro gun attire such as a t shirt /cap/ jacket from your favorite,manufacturer/gun rights group/ gun forums, this will get a couple days as they hide behind the first amendment (but claim it does not apply to gun owners).
    If you have family that anti gun/ sheeple/ communist party members like mine wear your gun and attire to family gatherings this way you get em en mass.
    Yes friends we can make a better tomorrow if every one does his / her part.
    do it for the children.:celebrate remember this was a attempt to be humorous.

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    Sounds like a fun way to "kill" some time.......

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