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Thread: Now there's a bill for open carry in vehciles only bill?

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    Tibbs supports revised gun bill
    By Andrew Griffin on February 26, 2010

    OKLAHOMA CITY — Interested in learning more, Oklahoma Watchdog contacted Rep. Sue Tibbs, a Republican from Tulsa, who has been catching a lot of heat from strong advocates of the Second Amendment.

    Why all the heat, we wondered. Further research revealed it wasbecause she would not hear a gun-rights bill she felt would not be signed by Gov. Brad Henry. A revised version, however, was one she did support.

    Nevertheless, gun-rights activists, like those at, call Tibbs, chairman of the House Public Safety committee, a “Gun Control Czar” and someone who is not interested in supporting HB 1414 which is an “Open Carry” bill which would be for those with concealed-carry permits to carry their firearm openly.

    The author of the piece at notes that a recent case in gun-supporting Kennesaw, Georgia, a citizen openly carrying a firearm – legal there – prevented an armed robbery at a Waffle House.

    So, after a couple of calls to Tibbs’ office, the representative did call back and seemed almost audibly upset and offended by the suggestion that she did not support the Second Amendment.

    “I am a member of the NRA,” she told Oklahoma Watchdog. “I support the Second Amendment all the way.” She went so far to say that she would defend the Second Amendment with her life.

    Yet, she supported a revised, or “watered-down version,” as noted by Public Safety committee member Rep. Jason Murphey (R-Guthrie), that would allow for concealed-carry permit holders to have a firearm out in the open in their vehicle.

    “This is the only bill the governor would sign,” Tibbs said, adding that if this “step” is taken, perhaps revisions could be made in the future to strengthen it even further. The bill, HB 2538, as it is, is authored by Rep. Glen Bud Smithson (D-Sallisaw) and will feature her name once it is heard in the House.

    By Andrew W. Griffin

    Oklahoma Watchdog, editor

    Posted: February 26, 2010

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    Very interesting. So like she said before in that further research was needed now she says its because the Gov wouldn't have signed it.

    Its not outright OC but its better than nothing as a starting point. We just need to push harder for the option to OC beyondourvehicle.
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    In response to HB 1414,

    I am from Tulsa, and I will not vote to re elect Sue Tibbs. I will vote for another Republican, support another republican but under no circumstanceswill I ever vote for a democrat. Perhaps that is what she is counting on. There is NO REASON why we should not have open carry in Oklahoma. As for what our dem Gov might or might not sign, it should be sent to him for him to sign or veto, and not for Sue Tibbs to mind readto justify her liberal position. I am very disappopinted in Sue Tibbs for keeping Oklahoma's defenseless. She has taken itupon herself not to listen to Oklahoman's, she has judged us to be incompetent to carry, or too stupid, or not trustworthy enough to handle a loaded weapon. This is reflected in her trying to keep it quiet for almost a year. I carry concealed, I am licensed to carry conceal and I carry concealed everywhere it is lawful to do so. I urge every one to call her and leave her a VM as she will not answer her phone. Send letters, send emails, send registered mail, make her sign for it. Make our wishes known, get friends and neighbors, even strangers involved. We must push this through and quickly. I also encourage every Oklahoman to get their concealed carry license. I would like to see more Okies with CCW's than all the CCW's in Texas! I am also emailing this post to Sue Tibbs, so she will know and see exactly how I feel and believe on this topic.

    AmericanBob, of Tulsa, Oklahoma

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    Well, that tear's it, I call SHENNANIGANS on Sue Tibbs ... I am beginning to wonder if she is a closet democrat?

    AmBob, you might be surprised at how gun-friendly a democrat in Oklahomacan be ... as long as they are not in/from a metro area.

    Are there any gun-friendly democrats who might run against Sue? When is she up for reelection, this year or 2012?

    My problem is that she is a Representative for Tulsa, and any opinion I might have about how she is behaving will have no bearing on her behavior ... only her consituents can influence her. I can'tvote for her or against her.

    Maybe a letter to the editor of the local Tulsa Times or the Daily Oklahoman (good luck there getting it printed in that liberal rag) would be more influential on Sue.

    I will, however, write to NRA-ILA to bring her behavior to their attention and call her NRA rating into question.

    The problem that I have, is that I know from an executive member of the ORA that they did approach her to table the bill last year. When it was reported here, I called the gentleman that I know and he told me he was in the party that approached her. At the time, the ORA didn't think the bill had a chance to get out of committee and that would have quashed it until 2012, so they asked for her to table it so they could apply some pressure politically for more support.

    I don't understand back-room politics very well, but I think I understand the ORA's intention and definitely know those old men understand this type of politiking very well.

    Perhaps you might know someone in the ORA who would be able to shed a little more light on the strategy and where they are in the politiking process?

    cheers - okboomer
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