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    Hello. Right now I carry a little .380 in my front pocket, but I would like to carry something bigger. With my small frame 5'3" and 130 lbs, it's impossible to conceal anything big on my waist (I Know this is an Open Carry forum, but CC must be considering for some circumstances). Even more so though, I don't like all the weight on one him and it makes it very difficult to drive, which doesn't go well with me.

    What I have decided on is that I might be well suited for a shoulder rig. I believe this is the best way to distribute the weight of a full-size weapon and still sit comfortably, and conceal easily if needed.

    I assume most holster systems are designed for larger men, and would prefer the holster to fit snug near my underarm. Does anyone know of holsters that come in sizes that may be comfortable for me?
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    Actually I would say that you would do well enough with a shoulder holster provided you practiced!

    You might notice that "wide" folks have some difficulties drawing from crossdraw shoulder holsters.

    Women find some pretty good use for shoulder holsters, hips and belt holsters can be a real pain. Many women possess rather slight builds and benefit greatly from the weight redistribution.

    There are shoulder rigs that have a strap that runs around the waist to keep things tighter.

    Galco rigs are of course, iconic, but you have to find one that fits you very well.

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    flagellum wrote:
    Does anyone know of holsters that come in sizes that may be comfortable for me?
    Check out the Kangaroo Carry

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