I'm glad he was able to defend his home, and somewhat place another intelligent face to home protection with a firearm. He also showed great restraint, as he could have killed the intruder if he wanted to.

"Tucker said he had run the scenario of an intruder in his mind many times before, but he never thought it would actually happen.

Tucker said he was asleep when he heard knocking at the front door. The Decatur man said he peered through the shades but didn't answer the door.

"Then he started beating on the door," Tucker recalled.
Tucker said he saw a young man run to the back door and that's when he grabbed his gun.

"I couldn't believe he was kicking in my door and it took him like four kicks to get in so by the time he got in I was ready for him," Tucker said.

Tucker said he shot the intruder three times, striking him once in the thigh. The homeowner said he then saw another young man running away."