This story is a little over 5 years old, and completely true, as all of my stories are.

I had travelled northbound through the Comanche/Eubank intersection around 10:30PM in my SUV when I was pulled over by a cop. At the time, I didn't have a CCW, and I was pretty knowledgeable of the open carry laws at the time. I carried concealed without a magazine or round in any of the handguns I owned at the time, as NM law permits you to do so (it specifies that conceal carry laws apply to CONCEALED and LOADED handguns; this means if its unconcealed/loaded or unloaded/concealed, then you are within the law to carry it). He came up to my window with his flashlight and the usual banter: "license and registration please, and are there any weapons in the car?"
"Yes sir, I do."
"What do you have?"
"A 9mm."
"Where is it?"
"Under my shirt..."
"You know conceal carry is illegal in New Mexico?"
"No sir, its not..."
"Excuse me?"

So I went into citation mode, citing the local laws as stated in what is now HB 588, stating that a NM citizen can carry concealed in his/her vehicle without a conceal carry license, and that my vehicle is an extension of my private property, yada yada yada.
"... So you're gonna tell me whats up?"
"Yes, sir."
"Please step out of the vehicle," the officer said, with his gun drawn.
Aw hell, here we go, I thought.

So a moment later, I had my hands on my head, the officer groping my waist as he finally found my 9mm handgun on a JIT belt holster. He took the firearm back to his vehicle, ran the numbers, and came back with a completely different attitude-
"Sir, everything checks out-"
He had the magzine in hand, as I didn't have around chambered. He asked me to unlock the back driverside-passenger door; he put the handgun on the floor, and the magazine was placed on the back seat.

And then he wrote me up for the red light I blew.
My friends love that one.