This story is around 3 years old.

I was working security at the time, and was eating lunch with a coworker at a local Wendys on Menaul west of San Mateo. We were heading to a training session for a company I won't name, as I now hate the place and they've made the news quite a bit for screwing over their employees by giving them empty paychecks...
Either way. I was openly carrying my pistol into the Wendys with a friend. I had gotten some looks from some of the patrons there, as well as one or two of the employees. We both ordered our food, no problems there.
We had sat down and were laughing about something when I noticed more people were looking at me. I figured whatever, because I knew I was within my right to carry open; Wendys does not have signs posted prohibiting firearms in their establishments, and I wasn't worried.

My buddy Pete, he says real quiet to me that a police cruiser pulled right up to the front door.
Aw, here we go, I thought.
An officer enters the restaurant and steps to our table cautiously, his right palm resting on his duty piece. I look up to him as he says something along the lines of:
"How are you folks today?"
HAHAHA, I thought, is this guy for real?
"Doing good," I replied.
He looks at my gun.
"Open carry is legal here, there are no signs, and I have a CCW," I said, as I raised my right hand (showing I wasn't going for my gun) while the left hand went for my wallet. I had completed my CCW just a few months before, and I knew I didn't need one in the restaurant if I was carrying open, but I figured telling him I had one would be a good thing anyways.
I showed him my CCW and DL, and he seemed to relax.
"We're catching some lunch before some training, we're security officers," Pete told the cop.
"Yeah, we got a call from one of the employees that someone had come in here with a gun..." the officer said with a smile.
He then sat down next to us at the table...
"Have you ever thought of being a cop?" the officer then said to me.
I almost wanted to break down laughing, as this wasn't the first time someone has said this to me. I had a membership at Calibers indoor range at the time, and with my shaved head alot of people asked me what police academy I had just graduated from-

"Yeah, I've given it some thought," I replied.
"Its a pretty good paying job," he says, pointing a thumb to his near-new police cruiser just outside the window, and starts talking about the pay and how he can get a new cruiser every 2 or 3 years, the benefits, etc. etc. etc.
Ten minutes had passed. EVERYONE in the restaurant was staring at us three, wondering if this cop was gonna bust us or buy us lunch!
The cop then says, "Alright guys, be safe out there," we all shook hands, and then he leaves.

Pete and myself laughed about that one for weeks. It pays to know your laws, you all.