This story occurred 4 (5?)years ago this summer.

I was riding home on my motorcycle at 3:30AM, and had just left a friends house maybe 4 minutes down the road. I was on a motorcycle I no longer own, as I now have a harley Either way, I was approaching the Juan Tabo/Montgomery intersection heading northbound when I passed a police cruiser heading south.
Keep in mind, I wasn't wearing eye protection; I had a pair of sunlasses, but didn't want to get caught wearing them in the dead of night, especially passing by a cop.

Well, that cop had seen me pass without wearing eye protection, and proceeded to do a u-turn and pull me over. I was carrying my .45, as usual, open carry as always!

As I pulled over and turned off my motorcycle, they spotlighted me. It was a couple minutes until I hear both front doors of the cruiser open, and a male voice over their loudspeaker announce to me:


Now, I thought I was genuinely screwed because I wasn't wearing eye protection, and through some stroke of bad luck I would get locked up and lose my handgun in a barrage of paperwork and laws I hadn't heard of, and not get my handgun back for months.

Not to mention, I didn't have a motorcycle endorsement at the time

Well, the cops approach me, duty pieces drawn, and one of the officers placed his/her hands firmly on mine to make sure they wouldn't move, while the other unholstered my firearm. At least, this time, I didn't have to tell these cops that open carry was legal in New Mexico. They were actually pretty cool about it. They seemed more interested in my firearm than anything else.

I showed them my old drivers license, still valid by date, which had my 6month temporary endorsement on it. They took it as legit and gave it back to me. They then handed me my handgun with all of my ammo in a zip-lock baggie.
These guys were thorough!

"Just make sure to wear eye protection next time," the female officer said.
"Yes, maam," I replied, smiling for the first time.

A note to you readers; make sure you have your motorcycle endorsement, as I now have mine and am damn glad to have it. I still ride with my .45 in the open, with the proper eyewear too, and I've had cops follow me for blocks and nobody has attempted to pull me over. I had one guy this last summer, as I was riding back from the east mountains and was at an offramp stoplight, roll up to me with his window down and say "hell yeah, man, hell yeah!" in approval of my wearing my firearm open with an american flag shirt on, riding my silver sporster. I can't tell you how many looks I get when riding around town! Even the cops!

Maybe they've got a note in their computer system, with my history, like telemarketers do