Thank you all for reading my entries, as I just found this website and I LOVE IT ALREADY!. I now have a place to share my stories about conceal carry and open carry and my run-ins with APD.

But more importantly, after spending over an hour recounting these incidents and bringing them to you, PLEASE KNOW YOUR LAWS!! Go to the New Mexico Department of Public Safety home and read about House Bill 588 (HB0588) and learn about the new CCW law that enacts citizens to carry CONCEALED WEAPONS into establishments that sell liquor for off-premises consumption (i.e. Albersons, Smiths, 7-Eleven, Circle K, etc. etc. etc.) I have had police officers tell me TO MY FACE that HB0588 doesn't exist, yet they let me go every time!

Be knowledgeable! Strive to learn, especially if you are new to the CCW and open carry game or want to be able to carry a firearm and know you are within your legal boundaries to do so. I try to keep up to date on the laws as much as possible, as they can change at any time.

PLEASE KNOW YOUR LAWS, I CANNOT EXPRESS THIS ENOUGH! I have never seen the inside of a jail cell largely because I educate myself with the state laws regarding concealed carry and open carry.

Given these times of home invasion (as I am a victim of this) and other horrendous crimes that leave many dead, I fully embrace the idea that all citizens should at least be informed and have SOME firearms experience, and hopefully have one for protection. I carry most everywhere I go, and I am NOT AFRAID to do so!

Hell, I might even go hit Starbucks this week in celebration of this website's triumph to show everyone that there still are business that honor our state laws and won't kick us law-abiding citizens out for legally carrying a firearm.

God bless the 2nd amendment, God bless this web page, and God bless you all for reading my experiences. Pass the word onto your friends and family about this web page, get the word out, and be safe in your ventures. May the Lord protect your families, friends, and loved ones, and YOU if you ever have to draw down on someone and decide whether to take his/her life in your defense or in someone elses.