Anyways, I got a Master Paddle holster today. It is the model 3093 made for the officers 45 and other 3-3 1/2" 45's. The fits is tight but the strap does close over the top and snap close.

My MK9 does not move at all when it is in there. I figure a few days with the strap snapped on it'll stretch a bit.

I would say that this holster could actually be marked as fitting the Kahrs as they fit perfectly snug in the holster.

I am very excited as NO ONE I could find made a small paddle holster with a thumb strap for the Kahr micros. The only other ones I found were either for Full size Kahr, (Which would work also) But you end up with a lot of extra holster, or they were for the micros be were really bulky, way wider or thicker then need be.

Like I said i could be happier. When i find my camera I will post pics.