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Thread: Utah May Honor John Moses Browning

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    It would bevery cool to honor John Browning. Notto give the state employees another day off. No need for that.

    Utah mulls honoring gun maker with state holiday

    Associated Press - March 1, 2010 12:35 PM ET

    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - A Utah lawmaker wants to recognize gun manufacturer John Browning with a state holiday.

    Sen. Mark Madsen, a Lehi Republican, wants the state to honor Browning on Veterans Day. Browning was born in Ogden and developed numerous firearms that Madsen says are responsible for defending freedom and protecting veterans.

    Sharing a holiday would allow the state to avoid shutting down government offices an additional day.

    Madsen had originally thought about honoring Browning on the holiday honoring assassinated civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., but ran into opposition from civil rights leaders who found that offensive.

    Senate Bill 247 has not had a public hearing.

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    JMB FTW. :celebrate

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    Now wouldn't that justpiss off the Brady Camp. :what:

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