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Thread: questions about non-res. no permit rights in fla.

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    hi, greetings from wisconsin. i dropped in to your state forum to ask some questions; first; i love your state, beautiful beaches, wonderful barrier islands, nice highways, palm trees, everything. so anyway, when i 'tourist' your state are there any rights i can enjoy as a us citizen, without a permit (cc). i know open carry isn't allowed but i wondered about car carry. and just thought i'd ask about things in general. i would appreciate your input. i am willing to send you free cold and snow in exchange. i haven't planned on getting a florida permit.

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    in FL you can't open carry in your car

    only concealed if you have a permit or if you don't have a permit you can have it in your glove box

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    If you do not have a Florida recognized Concealed Weapons License, you may still transport your firearm within your vehicle. It must be securely encased.

    What that means is exactly what it reads. Says nothing about being unloaded or locked.

    This is important:...THERE IS NO 3 STEP RULE, as rumored for years. Simply in your govebox, center console, whatever. So long as it's securely encased and not readily accessible to you. Even in the holster is fine..although, there has been some debate on where. Many feel even the passengersfront seat, holstered is OK. Other's don't. I'll leave that up to the legal beagles since it's just a plain bad idea anyway...hit your brakes, accident,...where's your gun now? Most of us already have enough crap laying around in our cars that could fly around and beat our brains out in an accident, I don't need to add any more. I sure don't need that hunk of metal flinging around inside that car like dice in a cup, it would probably smart a little to get crowned by a full sized, all metal Beretta fully loaded with a compliment of 12 rounds of .40SW ammo!

    You CANNOT, however have it on your person, openly or concealed without a license. But, anywhere within the car is game, again, so long as it's securely encased. I, personally, like the center console. Easily gotten to if needed for self defense, and seperate from where I keep my registration other important papers a LEO might request of me during a stop. The last thing you want is to have a LEO standing by your window and have a firearm flop out of your glove box as you retrieve your stuff..:what:

    You also do not have a duty to inform the LEO of a firearm, however, that is too a subject of much debate whether or not you SHOULD do it anyway. Your choice on that one.

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