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Thread: Good Open Carry Encounter FCPD In Lorton Hagel Circle Area (01/29/10)

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    I know I'm late posting, but still wanted to share... names changed just for privacy.

    Email to Lieutenant:


    On Friday, January 29, 2010, between the time frame 10:00pm-10:30pm,
    (I)was sitting inside his vehicle in the parking lot of
    The Highlands neighborhood on the 9000 Block Hagel Circle located in
    Lorton, Va speaking with an individual due to the extremely cold
    temperatures outside. While sitting in his vehicle with the engine
    running,(I) observed a Fairfax County Police cruiser pass by in
    front of his vehicle. Moments latter he observed the Officer approach
    his vehicle from the rear and shine his flashlight into the vehicle. (I) then rolled downed his vehicle to address the Officer. The
    Officer then explained that he observed(Me) and the other
    individual sitting in the vehicle and was just concerned. (I) then stated to the officer that he was "Open-Carrying" and that his
    firearm located in the corner between the windshield and the dashboard
    holstered. The Officer acknowledged the firearm, and continued speaking
    while performing his standard procedures.

    (I) just wanted to express his gratitude of how Officer
    ______ approached and handled this "Open Carry" situation. He was
    friendly and engaged(I) and the other individual in a
    conversation on various topics. Due to the bad crime reputation this
    area has had for many years,(I) respects how Officer______
    treated him (like an ordinary citizen) and didn't try to become "Super
    Cop" due to the location. Officer______ also showed respected to(Me) as a "Security Officer" when the topic was brought up in a
    conversation and didn't try making(My) title inferior to his.
    Officer______ has spoken many times with these two individual since 2006
    while performing summer bicycle patrols in the area, he just didn't
    remember since the individuals were in high school at the time.



    I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to acknowledge
    the professional actions of one of the officers assigned to the
    Franconia District Station. After doing some research, I was able to
    identify the officer that you spoke so highly of as Police Officer First
    Class(Officer). Given the nature of your encounter with PFC
    (Officer)and it's propensity to have possibly developed into a less than
    desirable incident, I would also like to thank you for handling yourself
    in a manner that allowed PFC(Officer) to resolve the situation without

    A copy of your correspondence will be placed in PFC(Offcier) personnel
    file and I will pass on your words of gratitude.


    Lieutenant Paul Thompson
    Fairfax County Police Department

    Assistant Commander
    Franconia District Station
    6121 Franconia Road
    Alexandria, Virginia 22310

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    MaD.S wrote:

    Good to hear!

    I just hope the positive letter I wrote and sent to the West Springfield station didn't just find its way into the circular file...I never received a response. Oh well, at least I thanked the officers on the spot before they left (on different occasions)

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