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Thread: KSU Gunman

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    An unfortunate story:

    Obvious this guy is a law breaker and deserves to go to jail. However, I don't agree with two of the charges:
    1)"Carrying a concealed weapon"--obviously his gun wasn't concealed as he was waiving it around.
    2)"Unlawful possession of a firearm on school property"--if this took place at a post-secondary institution, how is this a crime?

    That being said, this guy does seem to be guilty of disorderly conduct, wanton endangerment, and probably a couple other charges.

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    One of the witnesses in the story said they saw him pull the gun out of his pocket so it was concealed before he started waving it around.
    Bob Owens @ Bearing Arms (paraphrased): "These people aren't against violence; they're very much in favor of violence. They're against armed resistance."

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    This guy needs to go to prison and he is giving law abiding citizens a bad reputation. I am pretty sure some anti-gun groups are jumping all over this one.

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