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    this is post 999. what can i say, that i probably already haven't; i've learned so much, shared so much, made many new friends, helped out brother carriers, discussed so much, vented and ranted so much, been proud so much, read so much, typed so much, thought so much, found focus, felt safer, trained, become vigilant, expanded myself as person, pushed something i believe in, contributed where i could, proclimated, and dedicated myself, grown more at peace, been puzzled, felt compassion, reached out and touched, grown. thank you to all of you, for all you have done, and continue to do. i am truly in the company of some of the finest individuals i have ever met in my life on here. it is honor to know you all. times, people, and places i will treasure in my heart always. thank you all for all you have done for me.

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    That just means you have a lot of information. ...or spouting your mouth off. :P

    I'm just busting your chops man. I hope you stick around for at least another thousand.
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