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Thread:'s John Pierce quoted by's William Spain

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    John Pierce, co-founder of, said he expects other firms to follow the Starbucks example as "more and more businesses are finding it difficult to fulfill their fiduciary duty to shareholders while turning away law-abiding customers."

    At the same time, he defends the right of retailers to refuse entry to gun-toting patrons as "private-property rights are coexistent with [gun] rights. Ultimately, market forces will prevail."

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    Recently at the Kennesaw Georgia Waffle House an armed robbery was deterred by two customers displaying holstered pistols. According to Cobb County Police Officer D. Lowe "criminals informed the police (who stopped them in the parking lot) that they changed their mind upon discovering armed customers and were waiting for them to leave." Cobb County Police case number 09-133500.

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