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    Can be found at:

    I think a lot of people will want starbucks to "stand up" to Brady, but please remember this is a business. They are doing, what I think is the best they can and a very smart response.

    "We allow what the government allows, and the people of these States have voted on, but please don't make Starbucks a political place."

    I think the OC movement needs to come out, and I'm going to reccomend to my friend John and Mike, to do a press release that OC'ers are not protesting when going into Starbucks, they are "just getting a cup of coffee." We do not go there to "make a point" but instead to just go there.

    We should say this is no different than any other group of people who congregate there, we are just being citizens who happen to OpenCarry.

    I'm not making a point when I OpenCarry (except in a few juristictions) but it's just my preferred method of carrying my sidearm at that time.

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    I read this article and came out here to post a link to it...but, since it's already posted, I'll add my opinion.

    Who is politicizing carrying at Starbucks, the OC movement or the Brady Bunch? The first political stone to be thrown in the "gun control war" was the first politician that figured out that he could buy votes by erroneously equating guns with crime...and the dumb masses (or dumb asses, as the case may be) bought into it hook line and sinker. We, the OC community, are not asking for any special privileges. All we are doing is asking for the law to be followed as written. The Brady Bunch started this nonsense with their petitions and other in your face antics.I certainly applaud Starbucks decision to allow open carry where the law permits; but, when it comes to the question of exactly who is politicizing this issue...The Brady Bunch are the ones that are politicizing this issue, not the OC movement.

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