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Thread: New to Open Carry. Anyone from Orange County?

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    Hey, I'm new to OC. And I'm from OC. And reading all these posts was, for me,extremely confusing at first. Anyway, are there any OC supporters from Orange County on here?? I havent seen any meets in my area..

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    Welcome. Yes there are many herefrom the OC. However, I don't think there is a specific OC group. The only real organized meetups are the monthly meetups and we just had one in Pasadena. The monthly meetups are held throughout the southland, keep on the lookout for the next monthly meetup thread.
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    Hey there Medic4Army, welcome to OCDO!

    There are a few of us here in Orange County but before you decide to carry, be sure to read all of the information and applicable laws at

    Most parts of Orange County are conservative. LEOs for the most part prefer an unarmed society, so don't be surprised if the officers that respond to a MWAG call give you lip service while you're in cuffs.

    However, we have seen many less instances of those types of interactions at group Open Carry events. If/when you decide to Open Carry I would suggest reading, reading, reading and more reading. Buy a good retention holster and magazine pouches. Get a good digital voice recorder (you will need it for 12031(e) stops/checks).

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    Welcome to the GREAT OC aka "OC Housewife's" YUK!
    And Laguna, and what ever fake shows they shoot here!
    Best of all welcome to the summers where you loose count of DENTAL FLOSS AT OUR BEACHES! BETTER THAN WAIKIKI BEACH IN HAWAII! It's like 250,000 at the OC beachs vs. 25,000 at Waikiki Beach! I'm a Waikiki beach transplant, so I know that the "chicks" here are hotter! Kinda like a Ferrari vs. SUV! :shock:

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