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Thread: thanks to all of you

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    I have not been able to sleep at night...
    because since I have found out OC is right that I have, and this site I've been doing nothing more then reading as much as I can. when I'm not reading (trying to sleep) my mind just keeps running with all that I've been learning.

    I have not OCed yet still looking for a blackhawk serpa holster for my S&W 6906

    but I have called the local police department, put out the WI pamphlets at local shops, left over 100 at my local gun club. this Saturday night we have our annual meeting with over 250 members will be there so I will make sure that I have the pamphlets at all the tables. Had OC conversations with everyone including my chiropractor who is a member of I also have had a conversation with a hunter that was unsure about OC and let me tell you about it.

    hunter: why do you think you need to carry a gun?

    Me: why do you put on a seatbelt when you and your family gets into a car?

    Hunter: for their safety IF we get into a car accident

    Me: do you expect to get into a accident?

    Hunter: NO but you never know

    Me: and that is why I want to OC

    hunter: I guess that make since

    me: yes did does the police in most cases shooting or car accidents will not be there till after the accident so in all situations it is your responsibly to protect yourself or be a victim till they get on scene.

    Thanks for taking the time for me to speak my mind.

    Jeremiah Strese
    Monroe WI

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    Howdy and welcome to ya Hduc2005, Glad to have ya as a new member. Looking forward to meeting you and of course reading many more of your posts. There is a ton of info on this site and someone is always willing to answer questions you have not found answers to.

    Sounds like you are ready to take the step. Great work spreading the word and talking open carry up. We can all do something.

    Thanks again for posting!

    Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid. Han Solo Concealment holsters IWB, SOB, and belt slide. Open Carry too. New from Buffalo Holster, Women's holsters for concealment and or belt carry.

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    If only everyone could see the common sense aspect behind OCing! I too am spreading the word, slow, but true. Also, once I find a more comfortable gun to carry I will start to OC publicly.

    Thanks everyone for all of the very informational reading here! Us, Newbies really apprecieate it.

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    Welcome to Open Carry,

    My first OC experience was wearing a Springfield Model 1911 Ultra Compact in 45 ACP into my favorite eatery in Mukwonago (Blue Bay). If anyone even noticed, not a word was said. Two of my friends were also carrying so three of us out of 4 were wearing sidearms. The next day, 10 of us got together for an OC picnic. The local LEO's were supportive and one wanted to check out and comment on what everyone was wearing.

    I moved from Wisconsin to Utah and now carry concealed every awake moment of every day. (Have CCW permit.)

    Please throw your money and your support to whoever runs for Governor now that Dictator Doyle seems to be ready to abdicate his throne. Then, write every legislator you can to get a concealed carry law in Wisconsin (with reciprocity for other CCW States). State Senator Neil Kedzie seemed especially supportive of CCW when I last spoke with him.

    CCW works! An armed society is a polite society. A substantial portion of violent crime in CCW States is directed at victims who are also criminals. The bad guys do not want to tangle with a citizen who may be carrying concealed - that encounter might be lethal for the BG. Google an article by Dave Grossman titled "On Sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs". Dave basically takes the position that anyone who can lawfully carry has a duty to do so. I agree with him.

    I am an open advocate of Gun Control; that is, becoming proficient enough with all my weapons so that I can hit what I am aiming at every time. That is Gun Control. I go to the range every week to stay proficient.

    Again, welcome to Open Carry in Wisconsin.
    My cats support the Second Amendment. NRA Life Member, NRA Instructor: Pistol, Rifle, & Personal Protection - NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, Utah BCI Certified Concealed Firearm Permit Instructor.
    "Permission Slips" from Utah, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, and Florida. _ Verily, thou shalt not fiddle with thine firearm whilst in the bathroom stall, lest thine spouse seek condolences from thine friends.

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