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For Immediate Release – March 4, 2010 urges Va. Senate to rein in Sen. Marsh's "Kill Bill" subcommittee

General Assembly Drama Mimics Tarantino Masterpiece

Gun owners all over Virginia are outraged to read in the Richmond Times today that

Senator Marsh (D - Richmond) has set up a Kangaroo Court style subcommittee

stacked with the Senate's 4 main anti-gun Senate Democrats and only one Republican

gun moderate (Sen. Quayle). See

e/GUNS04_20100303-222806/328256/ urges Lieutenant Governor Bolling in his capacity as President of the

Senate, and Senate leaders from both parties, to rein in Senator Marsh and his "Kill Bill"

subcommittee scheme to kill all the pro-gun bills coming from the House of Delegates.

It is one thing for the Senate "Courts of Justice" Committee to pass over 1 or 2

controversial bills, but it is quite another to establish a special subcommittee for the

express purpose of killing all pro-gun legislation coming from the House of Delegates.

Watch for a light-hearted look at the

standoff, or better yet, come to the ‘Kill Bill’ subcommittee meeting today at 2 PM in

Richmond to find out what Marsh says in real life!