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Thread: Can we create a list for the Brady Bunch?

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    I think since the Brady Bunch likes to create the lists of "criminal" use of X-type of weapons, we should do one on open carry, since it's the latest evil thing. Since the 50BMG list doesn't actually mention anyone shot with one, I think they might actually carry a list we provide of incidents where individuals were detained.

    Just a suggestion. It entertains me though.

    August 17, 2009, a man in Phoenix, Arizona openly carried an AR-15 assault rifle at a protest outside of the convention center where President Obama was speaking. Eight were injured and some property was damaged from individuals crapping their pants when they found out he was black, and cable news media had to only show him from behind to cover up that he was not a white lunatic in order to prevent further injuries. The man has not been arrested yet.

    August 9, 2009, a man in Sunnyside, WA, was detained while crossing the street with a holstered semiautomatic pistol. A search revealed additional ammunition, a knife, and a cell phone, which are commonly used by gang members, drug dealers, and terrorists. The man had a concealed pistol license issued by the Sunnyside Police, and was released on his own recognizance, under condition that he did not shoot anyone. No charges have been filed.

    Feel free to add.

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    It's funny, I like it, but I would refrain from doing or saying anything thatwill be misconstrued by ananti-gunner whose sarcasm radar is out of order...

    There's enough misinformation floating around out there, we don't want to add to it a single bit even if our intentions are good. It reminds me of people several years ago being ashamed to tell me they watched Undercover Brother and thought it was funny but it wouldn't be to me. I told them, it was big joke, you're supposed to laugh. If you laugh at a parody because you thinkit's alltrue as opposed to laughing at the sarcasm, you need help.

    In entertainment, I can handle it, but when it comes to our natural civil rights, I think there should be no leeway given.

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