Constitutional Carry was on the Senate Appropriations Committee agenda for a rare Friday, March 5th, meeting. Normally this committee does not convene on Friday. Senators who had to travel long distances from their home districts were unable to attend and a quorum would not have been attained. As a result, the Senate Appropriations Committee has been rescheduled for Monday, March 8th after the “floor” session has adjourned, around 2 PM. The good news is this allows you to continue to urge committee members to support Constitutional Carry.

The sponsor of SB 1108,Appropriations Committee Chairman Senator Russell Pearce, has proposed a "strike everything" amendment that replacesSB 1108, in its entirety, with the intended language fromSB 1102 (Constitutional Carry). SB 1102, which was headed for a Senate floor vote, was derailed after the attachment of the hostile Cheuvront amendment during the Senate Committee of the Whole (COW). It is critical you continue to urge the Senate Appropriations Committee members to support the amended SB 1108. Join those who have already contacted the committee! A letter has been prepared and is waiting for you at our Action Center.

In other news, SB 1168, the Senate version of the firearms preemption bill, passed out of the Senate COW on Thursday, March 4, 2010. As expected an attempt was made to add a hostile amendment using the same shenanigans that scuttled SB 1102. This time the votes weren’t there. The hundreds of emails that YOU sent last week had an effect!

With some legislators vacating their seats to run for other elected positions, there have been some committee reassignments and temporary appointments. We mentioned a few days ago that Representative Frank Antenori, who sponsored the House version of Constitutional Carry (HB 2347), has been appointed to replace Senator Jonathan Paton, who vacated his seat to run for the U.S. House of Representatives.

We recently learned that Senator David Braswell has replaced Senator Steve Pierce in the Senate Appropriations Committee that is hearing Constitutional Carry on Monday. Senator Chuck Gray has been appointed Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Senator Ed Bunch has been appointed to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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