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Thread: OC in Los Alamos

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    Having seen mention of Starbuck's policy in the latest Frontsight email, which offered free training to Starbuck's employees, I printed it out, strapped my .45 on, and headed down there to tell the manager about the offer.

    When I got there, the first person I met inside the door was the manager, who was straightening up a display. I showed her the article and she thought I was there to complain (she obviously did not notice my right hip). I had to tell her specifically about the training offer and that I supported Starbucks' position. She then understood and said she would tell the employees.

    Meanwhile, she and a nearby customer noticed the service dog I was training. I gave her some of the treats I was carrying and she gave them to my dog. After she left, I asked the customer if I could join her and her daughter and we talked about service dogs for awhile and how my dog had been scared by skateboarders on the street outside and that I was working with her to get her over it. Suddenly, she said, "You have a gun." I said, "Yes, open carry is legal in New Mexico." She said they had recently moved from Texas. So we talked about needing a CCW permit if you carried in your purse and their moving to Los Alamos. She didn't seem disturbed about the .45 when I bid them farewell.

    I then walked down Central Avenue and went to Metzger's Hardware. After getting the plumbing parts I needed and talking with a couple of employees, I checked out. The cashier looked a little askance (sp?) at me, but having seen me many times before continued with the transaction. Behind me in line was a father and his three children. They were quite interested in my dog and gave her treats, too. One of the children asked, "Are you a cop?" I answered, "No."

    Once outside, the children wanted to give my dog more treats and more treats. The little boy asked, "Why do you have a gun?" His father said, "Because it's one of our amendment rights." We talked awhile and then he headed his children off to a local park with the frisbee he had just bought to keep them entertained while their mother cleaned house.

    Walking back to Starbucks, I met a friend who was going to the Post Office. We talked awhile and she crossed the street and went in (and I studiously stayed away). I then thought of something else to ask here and waited on the planter in front of Starbucks. A bunch of Girl Scouts had just set up some tables and were selling cookies with their mothers. Some came up and gave my dog treats. Another mother sat down in a nearby chair and talked awhile.

    When my friend came out of the Post Office, I talked with her briefly, bid the mother who sat in a nearby chair farewell, and got in my car and drove home.

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    Thanks for sharing! I always enjoy an "Uneventful" tale about Open Carry! Thanks for taking up the banner of liberty and being part of the cause!

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