Submitted by terri_stocke on Wed, 11/04/2009 - 23:21

Coordinator Name:Tim Ravndal


[size=We are approaching 1 month away from the rally at our state capitol in Helena. ][/size]

[size=At High Noon, On March 27th we will gather on the steps of the Capitolto send a message to our elected officials. ][/size]

[size=We have been working hard to insure that the people of Montana are given an opportunity to engage in the fight for our Constitution. Upon learning what is going on with our "Made in Montana Firearms Act" and other actions that affect our right to bear arms, we will all be given the tools to take our message to the next level. ][/size]

[size=Our voices are loud and they are getting louder. With your help, we can be heard across the Country. ][/size]

[size=Hope to see you at the rally and be prepared to have some fun!][/size]

[size=Tim Ravndal,Coordinator][/size]

[size=State of Montana][/size]