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Thread: Starbuck's OC on the Colbert Report - Waukesha, WI event video

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    Our OC event in Waukesha - the pre-State-Patrol protest event - was mentioned &
    news video used on the Colbert Report on 03MAR.

    The piece about OCing starts at about 12:50, but there's a minute or so just before
    that that's also about Starbuck's.

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    Seemed like the typical media take on the subject. I wouldn't expect him to put anything positive about it.
    What part of "shall not be infringed" don't you understand?

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    Meh to his take on it. And Kudos to Starbucks.

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    LMAO! What could be more reassuring than 50 people with guns, hopped up on 31 ounces of coffee? When he says it like that, it sounds kinda crazy!

    Then again, we all know that guns cause violence, that's why there are so many mass shootings at gun shows.

    Maybe the real threat to safety is caffine?

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